Fuels Transportation, Inc. has assembled a "Best In Class" organization where employees are committed to leadership values that result in the drive and commitment to our customers and the environment.

Fuels Transportation, Inc. is a premier carrier hauling for several branded Gasoline Distributors with brands that include Mobil, Exxon, Marathon, Shell and Valero. Fuels Transportation, Inc. carefully and accurately monitor's their customer's fuel levels and assists them with maintaining a manageable inventory via our state of the art remote inventory management program. We currently maintain a fleet of vehicles that can respond to the changing needs of our customers and the personnel to complete the task needed to help our customers grow their business.

The commitment to safety and the environment is supported by all employees in the organization starting with top management down. Our emphasis is training all personnel involved with the transportation of product to our customers. A comprehensive training program is in place coupled with a Safety Director to oversee all aspects of safety and training as required by the Department of Transportation.